East End Extravaganza 2014 - Strip for Charity

At the 2nd East End Extravaganza on June 2, 2014, the stages of the Berlin Theatre District awarded the 2014 East End Prize to Rainald Grebe. Following the awards ceremony, the strip for charity took place for the benefit of the Berliner Aidshilfe e.V.

A few voices to the Extravaganza 2014

Annabelle Mandeng, Moderator:
“I am absolutely delighted by this great event. The Hula-Hoop-Number was the biggest highlight for me, and I am also a big Gabi Decker fan. The occasion is great, and I am thrilled that the shrill, weird and abstruse find their place in the East End Extravaganza.”

Barbara Schöne, Actress:
“A wonderful evening! Charming, aesthetic and great acrobatics – from beginning to end. Especially the chair and hula hoop number were impressive.It makes me so happy to see such beautiful and magical people on stage.”

Ingo Appelt, Comedian:
“The show has inspired me – literally. In my autumn program I will also start stripping. Actually, I have to always do that for Thomas! Striptease for Germany. Naked for a good cause! This party was really amazing. I was especially looking forward to seeing the choreographer who taught me how to dance to Britney Spears.”

Gabi Decker, Comedienne:
“A wonderful event. I can’t imagine this event not being a part of the Berliner dance scene. Many await this date for an entire year. I was very nervous, because it was the first time I had to dance a real choreography.”

Judy Winter, Actress:
“It was not just good it was incredible! The acrobatics were breathtaking and the moderation was wonderful. Short but substantial!”

Sheila Wolf, Drag Queen:
“Like last year, it was great entertainment. The diversity and love for detail is just incredible. The last number was my favorite… simply wicked!”

Jörg Thadeusz, Moderator:
“Rainald Grebe is a confident artist who is able to make everything hard sound easy. Without him we would be powerless against the supremacy of mischief.”

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